A Business Line of Credit Builds Business Credit While a Merchant Cash Advance Usually Doesn’t

A Business Line of credit is often more effective for a company’s growth, and better than a merchant cash advance. A business line of credit is ideal for businesses of all sizes that want to build their business. When you obtain a line of credit from a major bank, in your company, you will be building the future of your success because timely payments will be reflected on your business credit report. A major bank line of credit will be reported to Dunn and Bradstreet in most cases. Dunn and Bradstreet is the main reporting agency for business credit. A merchant cash advance, on the other hand, does not necessarily help a businesses credit standing. Some factoring lenders will report to Dunn and Bradstreet, but not all. The best bet when it comes to building successful financials, is to get a financing line with a major bank.

Dunn and Bradstreet is the leading reporting agency when it comes to commercial loans and bank loans. Experian and Equifax also have companies that they work with to report business credit. Banks will almost always look at a companies finanical report when they consider almost any type of a commercial loan. Merchant cash advance companies don’t always check credit because they are using a gross receipts calculation of card receivables or receivables debt as collateral. A company owner can easily get a copy of their report by contacting Dunn and Bradstreet, Equifax, or Experian. All of these companies have websites with contact information.

The types of things that get reported on a business credit report include details such as payments that are made and if the payments are made on time or not. A business line of credit will build a business credit rating, because the banks that issue them will virtually always report to the credit agencies in a timely and effective way. For the company person who makes timely payments, and is good at managing their finances, this is a wonderful way to improve the financial status of a company. The maximum credit available on a commercial loan, SBA loan, commercial real estate loan, or business line of credit will also be reported to the credit bureaus in almost every case. Merchant cash advance on the other hand, particularly if it is a private company, will not report to the credit bureaus in most cases.

A business line of credit with a major bank is the recommendation for businesses that want to build their business credit. A reputable bank with a sound financing program is far preferable from the standpoint of building corporate reports standing. Merchant cash advance products and services are not recommended for the purpose of building corporate financials. Most businesses will want to speak with a reputable bank representative. Merchant Funding Cash Advance is a company that works with major banks to provide the best business loans and corporate financials building loan programs available. A business owner should speak to someone at Merchant Funding Cash Advance, or to a major bank representative.